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Help us purchase an Action TrackChair in Time for 2019 Summer Scout Camp


Our Story....

We are raising funds to purchase an off roading all terrain motorized chair to be used by scouts and scout leaders in the Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council  (SVMBC) area. It is OUR goal to RAISE $20,000 so that we may purchase the Action Track Chair and batteries by May of 2019, in time to purchase this chair for summer camp.  


We will be achieving our fundraising goals through a variety of fundraising activities at our local packs and troop level, applying for local grants and actively seeking donations through local community organizations and social media. We have partnered with Far West Wheelchair Athletic Association, (FWWAA), a Non-Profit 501 C(3) organization thereby allowing all donations to be tax deductible.  The chair or chairs will be owned by Far West Wheelchair and contracted to SVMBC for use by scouts, scouters and their families. Please note, many corporations have Donation Match programs for which Far West will likely qualify for.


Our current endeavors stem from a combination of my personal experiences and needs as an active scout leader with physical, mobility and other secondary limitations caused by invisible disabilities. As well as witnessing cub scouts not continue onto the scout level due to concerns regarding independence, mobility and access to outdoor scouting programs.


It Is our desire to do all we can to make scouting accessible for people with mobility challenges. It is our hope that our efforts and the knowledge obtained along this journey will inspire other councils  across the country to begin their own fundraising programs to help reduce the physical barriers to our Outdoor Scouting program.                                                                                                                                                                      

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My family has been actively involved in scouting for over 6 years and believe that ALL those wishing to participate in scouting programs should be able to do so without limitations due to physical barriers. ​ All terrain wheelchairs such as the Action Trackchair Will afford scouts and scout leaders the access and independence needed to fully enjoy all of our Outdoor scouting activities. ​ ​ ​ ​

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