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My family has been actively involved in scouting for over 6 years and believe that ALL those wishing to participate in scouting programs should be able to do so without limitations due to physical barriers. ​ All terrain wheelchairs such as the Action Trackchair Will afford scouts and scout leaders the access and independence needed to fully enjoy all of our Outdoor scouting activities. ​ ​ ​ ​

It is truly our hope that we can obtain off roading all terrain wheelchairs, such as the Action TrackChair, for our Council.  This will help all individuals, especially youths with mobility challenges gain access to all of our Scouting programs.  It is our hope that we are successful in the Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council (SVMBC) and inspires other councils across the country to begin their own fundraising endeavors for their home councils and camps.

Personal note from a Scout Leader....

I have been an active Scout volunteer leader for over six years. As my disability has progressed and my older son continues to advance in scouting, I find many of the activities to be on trails or camps that I can not access easily or without significant assistance. Even then, some trails and activities require the assistance of several adults pushing me. I also have assistance from my amazing service dog, smart drive and freewheel. (The latter are devices added on to my chair to increase my mobility.) 


As a parent, active scout leader, Cub Scout range.master  and Cub Camp staff leader I find the need to access camping, hiking and other outdoor activities to be essential. I'm missing out on many activities for lack of off roading access. When I do go on our outdoor adventures, I become very dependent on other leaders and scouts for my mobility needs. As well as limited to specific areas due to physical barriers and limitations created by my various disorders.


All those wishing to participate in scouting programs should be able to do so without limitations due to physical barriers. The Action Tractchair, or other similar all terrain chairs, will help give scouts and scout leaders access to outdoor scouting programs. This type of chair will allow us to participate in all programs while remaining as independent as possible. 

This chair will not only benefit me, but all the youth in the SVMBC area, scout leaders and parents who have mobility limitations. This is a population that has been underserved as we lack the adaptive needed to help scouts overcome natural barriers.  With your help, we can overcome these natural obstacles allowing youth with mobility challenges the ability to fully partake in the scouting experience.

Thank you for considering to donate to this worthwhile cause. Especially at time when there are so many valuable causes.

Yours in Scouting,

Deborah Vick, BSA Volunteer

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From the perspective of a Boy Scout...

Hello, my name is Martin Vick and I am participating in this project for a multitude of reasons but most especially, to reduce barriers from inaccessible outdoor activities. This program will benefit people's experience in scouting.  In scouting you go into the outdoors and sometimes nature is not going to be disability-friendly those and that is where this fundraiser found its' origin. As an example, on one of the summer camps my Mother (Deborah Vick) went on the trails that were not accessible and she had to have a full-time squad to keep her moving.  My mother said that she didn't want to be a burden to others and at times didn’t participate because she didn’t want to bother people.

This is why we need this chair,  we want to make scouting look and feel more accessible so people feel like they will be able to partake in activities with a group instead of having a disability (or multiple) that hold them back and keep them from being able to have a life-changing experiences like I have.  I believe that scouting will change you for the better in the development social, economical, and survival skills.


Scouting transforms you into a better person.  It did so for me, personally and in the development of my leadership and public speaking skills. Scouting should be available to everyone without physical obstacles blocking their way.


Thank you for your support in our endeavors.


Martin Vick


From the perspective of a  Cub Scout...

Scouting is so much fun. Everyone should be able to join scouting activities. No one should be left out because of a disability.


Scouting makes us better people. Especially as we learn and practice things like the meaning of the Scout Law.


Most of all, it is Scouting is so much fun and I don’t want to see people left out because of lack of access. When I was at the Abilities Expo with my mom and brother, we met a boy who is in the same grade as me but uses a wheelchair. He seemed like a lot of fun and adventurous. He went up the adaptive side of the rock wall while I went up the other side. A chair like this would let him join scouts and access all of the cool campouts, camps and hiking activities.


Thank you for supporting Scouting,



Photography by Deborah Vick & Family,